Deployment of ML Models with FastAPI and Uvicorn

I’m excited to share a new project on my GitHub repository that demonstrates how to deploy a machine learning model as a web service using FastAPI and Uvicorn. This project focuses on a Breast Cancer classification model trained with a Random Forest Classifier.

What You’ll Find in the Repository

  • Pre-trained Model: The repository includes a pre-trained model ready for deployment.
  • FastAPI Implementation: Learn how to set up a FastAPI server to create an endpoint for your machine learning model.
  • Easy Deployment with Uvicorn: Step-by-step instructions on how to run your FastAPI application using Uvicorn.

Get Started

Visit the GitHub repository to clone the project, follow the setup instructions, and start deploying your own machine learning model endpoints.

This project is a great starting point for anyone looking to integrate machine learning models into their applications quickly and efficiently. Contributions and feedback are welcome!

Happy coding!

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